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Alcohol Addiction

What is alcohol addiction? Alcohol addiction is a physical, emotional, and psychological dependence on alcohol that has progressed beyond our normal ability to control its use. This is universally known as "Alcoholism."

Simply put, WE CAN'T STOP DRINKING IN SPITE OF OUR BEST EFFORTS TO STOP! Alcoholism is a progressive illness that cannot be cured but can be put on a "permanent hold" much like other diseases can be controlled. For example, diabetes can be controlled with diet and medication but can become life threatening if treatment is not maintained. In the same way, alcoholism can be "put on hold" but WILL REOCCUR IF TREATMENT IS NOT MAINTAINED. Alcoholics have a disease and are NOT weak, immoral, mentally unbalanced, or social failures.

WE HAVE A DISEASE, and that disease is called ALCOHOLISM!

Alcoholism is a disease that needs treatment, and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous is a proven, effective way

to quit drinking and Take Your Life Back!

What are some of our alcoholic behaviors and feelings?
  • We constantly crave alcohol in any form including beer, wine, and hard liquor.
  • We lose our control and decision making ability (free will) about having a drink. We drink even when we don't want to!
  • We plan our day around our drinking, making sure we have enough on hand.
  • We become willing to "settle for less" concerning our living conditions, our companions, and even our personal hygiene.
  • We drink before we go to parties or social events to "get primed."
  • We can't stop after one or two drinks.
  • We keep drinking even when we experience adverse health reactions, such as a liver problem.
  • We keep drinking after we experience something tragic that has happened as a direct result of our drinking such as loss of a job, a divorce, or the prospect of jail time from driving under the influence (DUI).
  • We need to drink more and more alcohol to achieve the desired effect, that is, "the buzz."
  • We experience severe withdrawal symptoms (like the "shakes") when we aren't drinking.
  • We feel totally alone "in a room full of people."
  • We feel we are "less than" everyone else in the world, in every aspect of our lives.
  • We have no hope that anyone or anything can help us stop drinking.
  • We feel like we are total failures. We are filled with self loathing, disgust, and shame because we cannot control our drinking.
  • We sneak drinks. We hide alcohol. We have a bottle under the seat in the car. We drink in the morning. We throw up from drinking, and drink some more. We wake up in the middle of the night and drink. We are never sober.
  • We are terrified that our lot in life is to be nothing more than a DRUNK.
  • We used to drink to feel good. Now we drink to feel nothing.

But we found hope in a program called
Alcoholics Anonymous.

Hope to help us quit drinking
and Take Back our Lives.

Take Your Life Back!

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